Weekly Geek Speak Podcast: Almighties Amass!


Weekly Geeks AMASS! Sadly not… as Scott has been called away. However Lucy fills the hole and joins Andrew and Steve in the CinemAttic and it all starts rather oddly as we turn into Weekly Whiskey Speak and Weekly Adele Speak for a while before we return onto comics talking Superman: Last Son of Krypton, Batman’s Secret City: Dark City and Saga volume 4. Plus we talk that Captain America: Civil War Trailer and cover the latest TV and movie news.

Not only this but we are joined by the talented writers behind The Almighties as Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon talk with us all about The Almighties #0, how they work together as writers and how they have developed each others characters while working together. WE WANT SALAD

Find out more about The Almighties here

The Almighties #1 cover art by Eleonora Korsartz

NSFW: As always this podcast contains strong language and adult themes.