Weekly Geek Speak Podcast: The Last Intercity 125

WGS Inter

We’re back, thanks for your patience after the server issues, and I hope you enjoyed the awards. Andrew, Scott and Steve are back to normal service as we review T2: Trainspotting leading to our favourite train conversations. Plus emoji chat, young people words and East 17 in some in depth geeky chat… In the News we pay tribute to John Hurt, discussĀ Marvel‘s new game venture, analyse Star Wars Episode 8‘s title reveal The Last JediĀ and more Friday the 13th films are heading our way… Plus Andrew reviews graphic novel Love is Love, Steve brings the This Week the Geeks have Spoken with a twist and Scott enjoys some more Nibs for Amphibz.

NSFW: As always this podcast contains strong language and adult themes.

Art by James Walmesley Illustration